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A downloadable game for Windows

Relation between the theme given "The more you have, the worse it is" and the story of the game (relación entre el tema dado "Entre más tienes, peor es" y la historia del juego):

Azucarillo shared a happy life with his friends. But a tragic day something suddenly changed: he was thrown inside a cup. Now, Azucarillo fights to stay alive in an unfriendly world in which he has to scape from his worst enemy, the chocolate.

Azucarillo era feliz con sus amigos. Pero un trágico día algo cambió: le tiraron dentro de una taza. Ahora, Azucarillo lucha por sobrevivir en un mundo hostil en el que debe escapar de su peor enemigo, el chocolate.

Everytime that the chocolate gets to touch him, he melts and his size is reduced, until nothing remains.

Cada vez que el chocolate consigue tocarle, él se derrite y su tamaño se reduce, hasta que no queda nada.

Controls (Controles):

To play with the sugar cube you should use "W" to move forward , "S" to go backwards, "D" to go to the right and "A" to go to the left and also the space bar to jump.

Programmers (Programadores):

-Yone Moreno Jiménez (

-Samuel Díaz Reyes (

Designers (Diseñadores):

-Cristina Navarro Pérez (

-Leyva Ojeda Peñate (


Download 16 MB